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How to Buy the Right Vacuum for Your Carpet

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You know how much I LOVE CARPET! Today’ let’s talk about taking care of your carpet:

Most of the people find it quite difficult to choose right vacuum for their carpets. Choosing the wrong product may damage your expensive carpets. Those who are planning to buy a new vacuum for a house to replace the old damaged one; it is good to choose your product after making a deep analysis. Not all vacuum cleaners can be used on carpets so while making an expensive investment, make sure you have done proper analysis on features that you need.

There are so many factors that you have to consider while buying a new vacuum cleaner; go through the guide below that will help you to pick the best product to meet your needs.

  • Light in Weight:

In case if you have installed deep carpets at home, the heavier vacuums are the right choice for you. They will not be able to collect dirt from deepest layer of the carpet and will be less effective for complete cleaning. It is suggested to choose lightweight vacuums that can glide well on deep surfaces without causing difficulties in a movement like heavier counterparts.

  • Flexible:

Whether you are cleaning a surface or space, it is always important to have a maneuverable vacuum cleaner that can allow easy movements. The movable vacuum cleaners are easier to steer and they can easily reach up to touch corners or edges. Experts advise choosing more maneuverable vacuum for best results.

  • Additional Accessories:

The vacuums that come with additional cleaning attachments are really essential for routine carpet cleaning. It is always good to have soft brushes to work on delicate fibers and rugs as they can capture dust from deeper layers. The wand and hose attachments are further essential for ensuring cleaning around furniture and on stairs. While searching for a new vacuum, it is always good to look for the best pair of attachments as it can help you to run the cleaning session easily.

  • Height adjustments:

Many people are living with a common misconception that vacuum with the lowest height will be able to generate higher suction but in actual the height variations have a different impact on cleaning on different surfaces. Too low height of vacuum may cause harm to carpet whereas too much height may leave the dirt behind. The best idea is to buy a height adjustable vacuum cleaner so that you can set it to desired height depending on the type of carpet you are cleaning.

  • Type of brushes:

This factor can also cause great variation in your carpet cleaning results. Most of the vacuum cleaners these days come with roller brushes that are not suitable for carpet as they cause huge damage to most of the carpet fabrics. It is good to look for vacuums that do not use brush cleaning technology, instead, the stick vacuums or the canister models are the best choices for deep carpet cleaning.

Before you move to market to buy a new vacuum for your house, follow these tips to check features. It will help you to make a beneficial purchase.

Of course, caring for carpet is more than just vacuuming. You also need to perform spot treatment and hire professional carpet cleaning each year. Learn more here: http://lloydschemdry.com/

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