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Welcome to another post from AJ & I – We love sharing our stories on this blog and we hope our décor tips and ideas are helpful to you!

Today I wanted to discuss flooring a little. So many blogs and decorators focus all their time discussing walls and furniture but the floor really is a foundation of a home and décor. I think the floor gets brushed over because in 2017 everyone chooses hardwood floor, almost no questions asked.

But here’s the thing … we chose carpet for our home. I know! Can you believe it? A couple of millennials choosing carpet instead of hardwood floor. It’s hard to believe, but it is true and I will tell you why we chose carpet and why I am so happy we did!



I don’t know about you, but I want to be comfortable when I am at home. Of course I love interior decorating and several modern and contemporary elements of design. Some sleek modern furniture is beautiful and we have several contemporary pieces of art around the home. But that all comes second to being comfortable and when it comes to comfort and softness, carpet is far superior to hardwood floor.

I want to be able to walk around my home in bare feet or slippers and not feel a cold, hard floor each step. In fact, not only does each step feel warmer with carpet but the carpet helps to insulate the entire home and reduce heating bills and energy costs which saves us money each month.


There are endless options when it comes to choosing colors and patterns of carpet for a home. The right color or pattern can set the entire tone for a room. You can complement a bold color with more neutral furniture and décor or a neutral carpet with bold décor and furniture, which I prefer.

There aren’t many options when it comes to hardwood floor. You can either purchase a dark tone of wood or a light tone of wood. That is where the choices and style end.


Hardwood floor is beautiful in general, but have you ever seen a hardwood floor after someone walks on it with bare feet or after a day or two when dust builds up? It loses its beauty fast and the smears and dust need to be cleaned up. This requires a lot of elbow grease on the part of the homeowner.

For carpet, you just need to push a vacuum once or twice a week which isn’t much effort, and in the meantime, the carpet does a good job of concealing the dust and dirt in it. Then, maybe once a year, you should schedule an appointment from a carpet cleaner near you to eliminate some of the built up dust and soil under the surface. That’s really all that carpet requires.


If you live on a budget, and who doesn’t … there is a good chance you can’t afford the cost of hardwood floor. The material itself is very expensive as are the installation costs. Carpet costs much cheaper than hardwood and the installation is cheaper too. You can even save some money by tearing out the old carpet yourself.

These are a few of the reasons why I bucked the trend and chose carpet for our home. How about you? Do you prefer hardwood or carpet for your home?

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