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My One-Year Anniversary Gift

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past week in the new home. We had a lot of fun sharing stories from the past year and remembering some of the highlights of our wedding and after party. And of course, there were gifts too!

I wasn’t clever at all and decided to purchase AJ a new leather jacket for the upcoming winter months. AJ, however, was very creative and traditional and made me a gift and used paper as part of it.*

*If you’re not aware, paper is the traditional gift for a one-year wedding anniversary. Major milestones of a marriage have various gifts assigned to them. You can learn about which type of gift is given for each anniversary here.

The paper part of the gift was the front page of our local newspaper from the date of our marriage in 2016. The local news that day wasn’t actually good for a change so it makes for a nice picture. The DIY part was the picture frame which AJ made himself in his woodshop.

He cut the frame in the correct lengths and assembled it together himself. He just started his woodworking hobby this year in the new home and this is the first time he made me something. I really love the gift and I think he did a great job on the frame.

I’m excited about future gifts he makes for me and to see how his woodworking skills come into play in decorating our home over the years.

I am planning on hanging the picture above my desk in our home office where we write the blog from. We have several pictures from our wedding hanging in the office and I think this picture would be an excellent centerpiece for the mural.

Did you receive a paper gift for your first wedding anniversary? I would love to hear what it was. Please share your first wedding anniversary gift in the comments below or perhaps just the gift from your most recent anniversary if you don’t remember the first one.

Thank you for reading! If you have questions concerning our blog, please use our contact form or you can reach us in the comments too!

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