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Styles of Area Rugs

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Choosing a new rug might be stressful for some, but it can surely be a fun process for those who know what they are doing. Of course, there are so many materials, shapes, designs, and craft techniques, that it is hard to avoid confusion. However, you can learn about the most important details here, and, hopefully, you’ll feel more confident.

First and foremost, the rug material. Keeping it simple: rugs and carpets are made either from natural fibers or from synthetic materials. Natural materials are durable, very soft on the foot and very luxurious, while synthetic materials are easier to clean and cheaper.

The most popular natural fiber is, of course, wool. Wool is the softest material when it comes to carpets and rugs since no other materials can replace the fine, thin fibers of animal fur. Although wool rugs tend to shed over time, they are durable and resilient to stains. Be sure to hire a certified wool rug cleaner when the time comes. Learn more here: https://www.amazingcarechemdry.com/

Wool rugs are also naturally resistant to fire and have a very luxurious and expensive look. It is best to get wool rugs cleaned professionally when needed. Another popular natural material is cotton.

Cotton rugs are less expensive than wool, but might wear out quicker depending on the traffic. They have a much more casual look to them, which makes them a great element of design for busy families, apartments, dorms etc.

Jute and sisal rugs are another natural option. They will be great if you have wool allergies, but keep in mind that they have a very coarse texture. You can also consider silk and viscose rugs, however, they are not very durable and are used mainly for decorative purposes.

The most common and popular synthetic material for rugs is nylon. Nylon is a very durable material, which is stain-resistant and very easy to clean. Due to being manufactured by machines, nylon allows for a much bigger variety of colors and designs compared to natural fibers.

Nylon is also a lot softer than most synthetic materials. It is a great option if you are trying to be eco-friendly: nylon rugs are often made from recycled plastic, and they can be recycled again whenever worn out.

Olefin and polyester are also good options if you are opting for a synthetic carpet. They are much more affordable than natural carpets, and can once again be recycled after being worn out.

Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes. Rectangular and square rugs are the most common option, which can be used for pretty much any room or area. Runner rugs, on the other hand, are mostly used for the hallways or for any other narrow spaces.

Round rugs are great for creating a focal spot point in the space: for defining the area near the sofa or a chair, putting it near the sink in the bathroom etc.

Oval carpets can also be used for the same purpose, but they are better for lengthy spaces in the room. Octagon rugs are the most unique shape so far, which will be great for creating a funky design in the room.

You will also encounter different craft techniques. Woven and knotted rugs, for example, will be comfortable in the bathroom, they will look harmonious near the sink or the toilet. Braided and tufted rugs will look good in the bedroom or in the living room.

Shag rugs will also be a good addition to the living room, as they are very soft and thick and create a comfortable atmosphere in the room.

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